Uniformen Der Waffen SS Uniforms A1 Poster

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Uniformen der Waffen SS Uniforms A1 Poster 


Taken from an original period poster captured from the Bad Tolz SS Barracks by the U. S. 141st Infantry Regiment and taken back to USA where it lay in the attic until it recently passed into the hands of his son when clearing out his fathers home.

Such original paper items are few and far between. Not many have survived the passing of 76 years. The original poster has now been scanned and digitally enhanced to remove age marks and fold creases of 76 years in storage It has then be printed in hi-definition on 200gsm art quality paper.

Measuring 84.1cm x 59.4cm (33.1 x 23.4inches )which is about 15% larger than the original period poster it was designed designed to familiarise recruits with the various uniforms and rank insignia of the Waffen S.S.

This is a great item and will end all those arguments about when the brown “tradition” shirt should be worn rather than the white one. This design is exclusive to the U.K. and will not be printed again, We have only got 10 copies, so first come, first served.

Sent rolled in a tube.