Twilight Over England Lord Haw Haw William Joyce

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Twilight Over England - The Path to Democracy is the Road to Oblivion

By William Joyce - Lord Haw Haw

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Paperback with 142 pages.

Joyce fought against Communism most of his life  from the 1920s. An American citizen of Irish descent who was executed by the British Government  for his political opinions in 1945 after being captured in Berlin. He was not taken as a POW.

His execution was controversial.  The British Attorney General Hartley Shawcross told that Joyce was in possession of a fake British Passport  and therefore was under the jurisdiction of the King. Confirmed by the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords,  William Joyce was then put to death using this technicality, even though he was born in New York and officially an American citizen.

Twilight Over England is his prophetic testament against the international financiers who maneuvered Britain and America into War against Germany. Why not read what this man thought was worth dying for...