Tower of Babel by Morris West

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The Tower of Babel 

By Morris West 

Published by World Books 1969

Pre-ISBN and over 50 years. Dust jacket is rare and has one small tear, but fully present with no other damage. book underneath is pristine and pages have tanned edges.

This is Middle East Political History set into a fictitious novel... West's insights, from a unique perch and an extraordinary frame of reference into the horrific complexities of the Mideast before the so-called ISIS conundrum should embarrass the US State Department inept understanding of the profound historical factors fashioning today's knee-jerk policy regarding the five hundred year miasma of tribe-to-tribe antagonisms, the reading will be an intense jolt.

West brings a profundity of insight that could probably turnoff today's "quick and dirty" genre readers, but might just snare those readers seeking something of substance, interest and relevance. West's works ought to be "required reading" for all US State Department employees, especially those missioned to develop "policy" regarding those too many areas on our planet about which we know little or nothing of the harsh realities that "policy" afflicts with horrendous consequences.

This book is an infectious moral challenge, and many will put it down, rather than face those challenges. Which is not bad, just real. The depicted realities of the moral quandaries portrayed by West can only make a serious reader uncomfortable- but insightfully informed. And that alone is is worth the reading experience.