The Tub: WW2 Australian POWs on the Burma-Thailand Railway

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The Tub: Australian POWs on the Burma-Thailand Railway

Hugh V Clarke

Paperback 1967 Out of Print

 "MOTA KOI" Slowly Tony walked to the edge of the platform. The Jap they called Rat-face made a long speech. Patiently, Tony listened. Suddenly Rat-face kicked him violently in the stomach-a silly thing to do, Tony thought in a detached way, to a man suffering from dysentery.

Bent double with pain, Tony fell against the opposite bed platform and fouled the hut. At this there were angry outcries from the other Japs, who leapt from their beds and showered more blows and kicks on the now helpless Australian. Bruised and bleeding, Tony staggered out . . .It had been another normal day.