The Rape of Britain

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The Rape of Britain

by Colin Amery, Dan Cruickshank, with Foreward by Sir John Betjeman

Paperback 1st Edition published 12th June 1975 and declared 'Out of Print' on 17th October 2003. A rare copy of this hard to find book that nobody will reprint. 

What is happening to Britain's historic High Streets? 

This book will shock everyone who thought that, in the treatment of our unique cultural and historic inheritance, civilisation  had at last triumphed over barbarism. 

Far from being secure under the new era of conspicuous official backing for conservation represented by European Architectural Heritage Year, Britain's towns and cities - the flower of her architectural and historic heritage - are being assaulted and despoiled as never before in our history. 

The Rape of Britain presents for the first time, a collected factual and photographic picture, in thirty sample towns and cities  listed below, of what is happening to the urban face of Britain from Truro to Aberdeen; in country towns and big cities, from Frome to Glasgow; in ancient cathedral centres and the great commercial metropoloses of the Victorian age, from Gloucester to Manchester. 

Aberdeen, Ashford, Bath, Berwick,Beverley, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Chesterfield, Edinburgh, Frome, Glasgow, Gloucester, Gravesend, Hereford, Holywell, Huddersfield, Hull, King's Lynn, Leeds, Lincoln, Liverpool, Lomdon, Manchester, Salisbury, Truro, Wisbech. 

About the Authors

Colin Amery was architecture correspondent for the Financial Times. Brian Curran, Jr.,was director of projects for the World Monuments Fund in Great Britain. Chris Caldicott's photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines including The Independent, The Sunday Times, and Geographical Magazine, and in two books, World Food Cafe and The Spice Routes.




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