The Military History Quiz Book by The Osprey Quiz Master

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The Military History Quiz Book

by The Osprey Quiz Master

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How well do you know the who, where, what, when and how of military history? This guide to the famous, infamous and quirky facts of military history features questions ranging from easy to nearly impossible and includes true or false, multiple choice and illustrated sections. It is suitable for the military history enthusiasts.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN-10 1849081727
ISBN-13 9781849081726
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Product Key Features
Format Paperback

Weight 200g
Width 120mm
Height 185mm

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Author(s) The Osprey Quiz Master
Genre Military History
Pagination 224

Author Biography On his eleventh birthday, the Osprey Quiz Master was given a cake topped with toy soldiers, depicting the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Later that day, while picking plastic bayonets out of his teeth, he determined to devote his life to the study of military history. The Osprey Quiz Master spent the next twenty years fishing factoids and anecdotes from the morass of human conflict, and this book is a product of the things that can be found in his fish bucket.
Country of Publication United Kingdom
Subject History & Military
Spine 16mm
Imprint Osprey Publishing
Language(s) English
Date of Publication 04/10/2010
Out-Of-Print Date 17/09/2016