Great War Magazines Winston Churchill 1933 (Full Set of 26 magazines)

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The Great War Magazines Winston Churchill 1933 (Full Set of 26 magazines)

By Winston Churchill 1933

Serialisation of the book written by Winston Churchill about World War One. These are the original booklets / Magazines that were published in 1933. This collection contains all 26 magazines.

An uncommon collection of these periodicals dealing with the scenes and various fronts associated with the first world war, in the original 26 fortnightly parts. Bound in their original pictorial wrappers and Fully illustrated with photographs, drawings and maps and includes contemporary advertisements throughout. Extremely rare collection.

Chapters include: 1905-1910 Milestones to Armageddon, 1911 The Crisis of Agadir, The Dusk of Hapsburg, 1914 The Murder of Archduke, Ireland and the European Balance, The Austrian Ultimatum, The Fronts and the Combatants, The Crisis, Declarations of War, The Mobilization of the Navy, 1914 The Passage of the Army, The Invasion of France, The Marne, The Mobilization Interval, The Assembly of the Eastern Armies, Austria Against Russia, The Battle of Lemberg, The Invasion of East Prussia, The Battle of Tannenberg, The First Masurian Lakes, The End of the World Crisis. Pagination is continuous, with part 26 ending on page 1668.

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