The Forced War When Peaceful Revision Failed

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The Forced War When Peaceful Revision Failed

By David L. Hoggan

1989 1st Edition Hardback Inst. for Historical Review. 716 pages, out of print and rare, clean, unmarked and excellent condition. Dust cover has shelf wear at top and bottom edges commensurate with its 28 years. Delivery by signed courier or arranged collection only.  

Comprehensive and detailed account on the origins of WWII. The detail here is incredible. Its quite clear the author (Prof David L. Hoggan) has done an astonishing amount of research and study on the subject, probably more than any other. Everything in this bible is backed up with 64 pages of detailed notes. The book also has a few illustrations in the centre pages.

Highly recommended above ALL others on the sources of the war. Unlike other so-called historians/authors, this book is not interested in defaming or demonizing any of the 'characters' or twisting the story for poetic licence. Hoggan is ruthlessly only interested in supplying the cold hard FACTS!

Hoggan's book reaches similar conclusions as A.J.P. Taylor's much respected book on the war's origins, but in much more detail. Important factors in the book include:

  • The forming of the new Polish state after 1918;
  • Polish-German-Czech relations during the inter-war years;
  • The Danzig situation; the British and French stance in the inter-war years;
  • German decision to occupy Prague;
  • Reversal of British policy;
  • Polish-British/French relations;
  • Polish Anti-German incidents;
  • Anglo-French courtship of Russia;
  • Russian-German pact;
  • German offers to Poland and vice versa;
  • Polish general mobilization;
  • German-Polish trade rivalry;
  • Hitler's order for Operations in Poland on Sept 1st;
  • Pope Pius XIII's role;
  • Italian's/Mussolini's relations with parties involved;
  • Hitler's Sept 1st Reichstag speech;
  • Collapse of French opposition to war;
  • British & French declaration of war.

There are 22 chapters, elegantly bound with 716 pages and smaller than average text. This is NOT just "yet another war book". It is the ONLY book anyone needs to own on the origins of the war. 

The level of knowledge contained in this book makes it a vital purchase for anyone with an interest in the war, military history and diplomacy.