The Art and Science of Fencing

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The Art and Science of Fencing 

By Nick Evangelista

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Fencing was an important sport in the Third Reich, teaching speed, strategy and discipline. Fencing develops dexterity, endurance, flexibility, grace, and overall fitness, while also allowing participants the opportunity to hone the mind's problem-solving abilities.

Today it may be thought of as an activity just for actors or an elite few, but fencing is actually an ideal sport for people of all ages. It is easily learned and practiced by both young and old, men and women, boys and girls. It has even been molded to fit the needs of the blind and individuals using wheelchairs.

The Art and Science of Fencing covers everything from the history of the sport to the specifics of fencing technique, including the psychology of fencing, types of fencing weapons, biographies of great fencers, and information on selecting a fencing school and getting started in the sport.