Tarot Sophist International Magazines Vol 1

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Taro Sophist International Magazines 

By Marcus Katz

Volume 1: Issue 5, Issue 6 and Issue 8 

A collection of rare, out-of-print quarterly magazines for Tarot Professionals with interesting articles  on all areas of the craft written by professionals all over the world. 

Tarosophy International is the quarterly magazine of Tarot Professionals, the leading Tarot Organisation in the world. Featuring top published authors and innovative readers, you'll find articles covering tarot cards, tarot reading, tarot collecting, professional considerations, and much more. Suitable for the newcomer and the experienced professional, this magazine provides new dimensions to your tarot!

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You may want one magazine for a specific article, or to take advantage of this rare opportunity to own the collection of Volume 1. (Except for Vol 1 Issue 7 which is a 148 page book and listed separately)

Volume 2 is a separate listing because these magazines are all in colour, whereas Volume 1 is black and white.