Story of 609 Squadron: Under the White Rose

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Story of 609 Squadron: Under the White Rose

by Frank H. Ziegler & Signed by Official Battle of Britain Poet: Michael Kendrick 

Hardcover – 22 Jul 1971

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Frank Ziegler was the Intelligence Officer for RAF's 609 Squadron from 1941 through March 1944. So, he deeply knew many of the characters of the Squadron, not only pilots, but the ground staff.

So, after a Squadron reunion in 1968, he decided to write a book about the unit. It begins since its inception as an Auxiliary Squadron, and Ziegler wisely avoid the trap of filling the pages with combat report after combat report.

Naturally, the period after he leaves the Squadron is a lot shorter that what came before, but it is also due to the operations being very similar (airborne artillery, with 609 Squadron being no more a fighter squadron, and using Typhoon until the end of the war).

The appendices are fantastic: all the commanding officers of the Sqaudron, all aircraft losses, all pilots, all ground staff, all aerial victory claims.

And William The Goat, who survived the war finishing it with the rank of Air Vice Marshall!!