Selected Works

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Selected Works

By Carlos Porter

RUSSIAN EDITION. Paperback 208 Pages.

Approximately 10,000 "War Crimes Trials" have been held since 1945. Trials of Japanese military personnel ended in 1949, yet "war crimes trials" of Germans and Eastern Europeans continue to this day.

Almost invariably, the charge is "violation of the laws and customs of war," derived, in turn, from international conventions signed at the Hague in 1899 and 1907. That these trials have little or no basis in law is clear from the wording of the treaties which are said to have been violated.

The illegalities of "war crimes" proceedings include the admissibility of oral and written hearsay; the introduction of the concept of "conspiracy" into international law (unknown prior to 1945); the total lack of any pre-trial inquest or forensic evidence; and trial before a court itself composed of actual "war criminals."

Table of Contents:

  1. The Blood and Honour interview
  2. War Crimes Trials
  3. Edeiken
  4. Nizkoprophagists Refute Porter on Human Soap
  5. Robert Wolfe: National Archives Head Fakes Captions...
  6. The AZX letter
  7. In Praise of Stalin
  8. “The Japs Ate My Gall Bladder”
  9. Catherine Colohen’s letter
  11. Not Guilty at Nuremberg