Requiem for Rhodesia

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Requiem for Rhodesia

By Carlos Porter

Reviews: "In re-reading this brilliant essay one should be reminded that the author was only 26 years old at the time and had not been brought up in Africa. Considering that, it is truly remarkable that he could have been so unfashionably 'illiberal' and so insightful into the African psyche." (From the Bantu Education Blog)

"He was dead on."
"I hope more people read it, and think about how things have turned out."
"Excellent summary of the situation as it was at that time."
"A fact-packed read that is very hard to digest."
"A sobering lengthy read... In Africa today cities and towns that once were models of grace, order, efficiency and development have either turned into sprawling urban crime-ridden slums with gridlocked traffic jams, or are decaying quietly away as the jungle and wilderness slowly reclaim what once was theirs."

(From the New Rhodesian Forum)