Piercing Plate Armour With Arrows: Empirical Testing at Bosworth Battlefield

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Piercing Plate Armour With Arrows: Empirical Testing at Bosworth Battlefield

by Mark Stretton 

Published by Konig Books Publishing May 2018 

A5 perfect bound 50 page book with illustrations throughout. New tests on piercing armour plate carried out in December 2017

The report of a series of empirical tests undertaken at Bosworth Battlefield Centre, to demonstrate the effects of replica Medieval-period arrows being shot at a realistic piece of plate armour.

The results from these tests will enable the reader to gain a realistic idea of the capabilities of a medieval arrow used in warfare. The tests were designed and undertaken by John Potter and Mark Stretton, who are both very experienced proponents of the warbow.

Mark Stretton has over 40 years’ experience in the world of Archery with nearly 25 years specialising in the warbow. He is currently the 13-year reigning holder of the Guinness World Record for drawing to full draw and shooting a 200lb Warbow set on 15 August 2004. Mark is a Master Arrowsmith and Past Warden of the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers and a Freeman of the Bowyers’ Company in London. Mark travels throughout Europe and the UK delivering Seminars, Talks and Demonstrations and has appeared on many recent TV programmes as an expert on the Warbow. Read his other articles here 

John Potter is a Master Fletcher accredited by the Traditional Craft Guild of Bowyers and Fletchers and a Historical Interpreter at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre. His interest in the Warbow as a symbolic weapon of the Medieval period, spans over fifteen years. He has worked as a freelance Historical Interpreter, which included promotional work for the Royal Dockyards and the Mary Rose Trust. John’s role at Bosworth Battlefield focuses on the development and delivery of the schools programme, which runs a series of sessions around medieval archers and soldiers on and off site. John manages a specialist medieval fletching company called Twangers Arrows and undertakes professional freelance work for the British Aerospace Industry..

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