Mossad: Israels Most Secret Service

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Mossad: Israel's Most Secret Service

By Ronald Payne

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This expose of Israel's secret service aims to shed new light on its true role in the ever-volatile Israeli-Arab conflict. Hailed by the CIA as "the best intelligence service in the world", the Mossad is held in awe by its friends and feared by its foes. It was Mossad who pulled off the spectacular rescue of Israeli hostages from Entebbe and Mossad agents who pinpointed the target for Israeli bombers to destroy Iraq's nuclear reactor.

Since the 1940s, Mossad has been a vital weapon in Israel's constant struggle to survive. This history of the organization presents an account of its agents and their exploits involving kidnappings, Nazi-hunts, high-tech espionage, smuggling of nuclear weapons and counter-terrorist operations. The author also wrote "The Carlos Complex", "Weapons of Terror" and "The Dictionary of Espionage".