Moseley Speaks Audio CD

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Mosley Speaks Audio CD

Oswald Mosley Live Voice

A one hour speech in Finsbury Town Hall London in 1957 about Europe and how Britain should work and trade alongside it, warning of the loss of Sovereignty and its possible consequences.

Recorded by a member of the audience on a reel to reel and then recorded onto cassette tape which has been remastered in a recording studio for optimum sound quality, and made available on Audio CD. (A few seconds of the speech was lost when the cassette tape was turned over, in the original recording, but this does not detract from the message.) No official recording of this speech exists - only this one recorded by a Blackshirt, standing in the audience with his reel to reel.

The complete speech is divided into 4 'tracks' for ease of listening. There is a 30 second lead time at the start - be patient. 

If you have a historical interest in the British Union, British Union of Fascists, (BUF) and Oswald Mosley, this is one of his best and most emotional speeches, made in his later years, on a trip to England from his home in France in 1957 where he was waiting to be called back to England to lead the British Union. Unsurprisingly, everything he warns about in this speech has now happened…..

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“Together in Britain we have lit a flame that the ages shall not extinguish. Guard that sacred flame, my brother Blackshirts, until it illuminates Britain and lights again the paths of mankind.” ~ Oswald Mosley