Made in Russia: The Holocaust Companion Booklet to the Video

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Made in Russia: The Holocaust Companion Booklet to the Video

By Carlos Whitlock Porter

English Language 

In the late summer of 1988, on location in Luxembourg, together with the late Ernst  Zündel and his video cameraman, Carlos made a 90 minute video presentation of documents from the First Nuremberg Trial entitled: MADE IN RUSSIA: THE HOLOCAUST, taken from the original book of the same name. 

Unfortunately, Mr  Zündel's cameraman failed to focus on these documents so that the viewers could read them, but this was not known by Mr Porter or Mr Zündel until after the film was produced. This has led to people looking at illegible documents for the last 30 years. When the video appeared on the internet in 2007, all remaining first-generation documents could not be found anywhere. On enquiry to the document archives in Berlin, Brussels and Nuremberg, each one says that the other has the documents and none can be found and produced by any of them.

In response to the many complaints and requests from YouTube viewers relating to the quality of the video, here is a complete transcript with readable copies of the documents taken from microfilm.

The video can be viewed here: