Liberal for Conservative Reasons: How to stop being obnoxious and start winning elections

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Liberal for Conservative Reasons: How to stop being obnoxious and start winning elections 

by Peter Rice

First Edition 2017 112 pages paperback Pre owned and very good. 

Rice tackles topics like poverty, Islam, refugees, health care, foreign trade, global warming and reframes them. Reframes them by explaining why the liberal arguments carry little to no weight with people who are not already sold on the liberal arguments.

Liberal arguments are frankly, annoying to those of us who don't share the basic ideas that all life should be "fair" and that if anyone/ anywhere is harmed then automatically it's a terrible thing. This line of thinking is hardly going to appeal to people who believe that hard work can bring rewards, that not everyone needs or deserves a trophy for showing up, that people have a stake in making their own futures work, regardless of their present day circumstances and that we really, really don't want to pay for everyone else's problems all the time.

Those with plutocratic ambitions, along with powerful industries like oil, have gone to great lengths to hide Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truths” from as much of the public as they can and to buy as much political influence as they can. This has made the job of progressives far more difficult, as these big money interests shamelessly exploit and promote traditional prejudice and moralizing to get the tax breaks and deregulation that make them rich (at the expense of others).

It’s time to resurrect the old language of class, to talk about what really matters more today - class privilege, not diminishing white privilege. It’s time to get serious about full employment and good jobs. And to go after Wall Street, monopolies, and billionaires tooth and nail, just like Bernie says.