Letters Part 1

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Letters Part 1

By Carlos Porter

Paperback, 58 Pages A collection of letters received by Carlos W. Porter, with his replies.

An excerpt: Reader: “Laughably, you think that pointing out the incredible methods of murder alleged at Nuremberg somehow makes them untenable.?”
Carlos Porter: “Makes what untenable? Do you really believe that the “steam chambers”, “electrical chambers”, “vacuum chambers”, and the other obvious lies, most of them of Soviet origin, do not rather tend to discredit the Nuremberg evidence and judgment, even just a little bit?”

Reader: “Unfortunately, this is precisely why the Holocaust will continue to live on in human memory.”

Carlos Porter: “No doubt, because Jews will produce thousands of books, comic books, movies, and television shows about their “suffering”, often in admitted works of fiction. (such as Schindler’s List which won a prize for the best Fiction book of the year) You can turn on the television any hour of the day or night in any country on the face of the earth, and there will always be at least one show about “poor persecuted Jews” and their endless “suffering” and “sensitivity”. Don’t you think this has gone far enough?