Knights Templar NnDnn Key Ring, Presentation Gift-Boxed, Templar Malta Cross

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Knights Templar NnDnn Metal Key Ring, Presentation Gift-Boxed, Templar Malta Cross

Metal Key Ring Knights Templar

Another KT product from the lady who was BANNED from Loughborough Market for selling the famous Templar coffee mugs!

A beautiful metal keyring in a gift box, with the NnDnn Latin inscription on the front and a plain metal back which you can have engraved for your Officers or as an Installation gift for Great Priory Officers and Visitors.

The Latin phrase was a Templar chant of 10 Latin words, repeated 8 times:
Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam (Latin) known as NnDnn

Not to us , O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory (English)

This is the opening sentence to Psalm 115. The adverb "non" means "not." The personal pronoun "nobis" means "to us." The noun "Domine" means "Lord." The conjunction "sed" means "but." The noun "nomini" means "name." The possessive adjective "tuo" means "your." The verb "da" means "give." The noun "glorium" means "glory." The Latin text derives from Psalm 113:9 (according to the Vulgate numbering), which corresponds to Psalm 115:1 in the King James Version.

We also have the same key ring available with the Brotherhood Seal (see other products) 

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