How Girls Can Help to Build Up The Empire - Handbook for Girl Guides

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How Girls Can Help To Build Up The Empire: The Handbook For Girl Guides

by Miss Agnes Baden Powell

Founder of the Girl Guides in 1910 in collaboration with Lt. Gen Sir Robert Baden-Powell, K.C.B. etc. Published 1912 by Thomas Nelson, London Limited Edition Re-print in 1993 and now also rare and out of print. 

Miss Baden-Powell founded The Girl Guides Movement in 1910. This book is extraordinary in the scope of what she believed girls could do to help the Empire:

Pursuits, Finding the Injured, Tending the Injured, Frontier Life, Home Life, Patriotism, Hints to Instructors,

Included in these sections are detailed instructions and guides on - Woodcraft, Camping, Cooking in the open, Accidents and how to deal with them, Invalid Food, Life in the open, Seafaring, Self-defence, Helping others, Endurance, Prevention of Disease. Chivalry, Self-Discipline, Self-Improvement, Our Empire, Citizenship, United we stand, Divided we fall, Songs.

 Historical Background to the Original Book

The Handbook for Girl Guides or How Girls Can Help to Build Up the Empire is the full title of the book more commonly known as How Girls Can Help to Build up the Empire. It was the first handbook for Girl Guides and was a reworking of the famous Scouting for Boys.

It was adapted for use by girls, although large sections remained unaltered and it included sections on stalking, tracking, signalling and camping. Several chapters on childcare, nursing and housewifery are added and stories of heroic women and girls were  substituted for the male ones. The book also contains the enrollment ceremony and details of the second- and first-class tests.

This book superseded Pamphlet A: Baden-Powell Girl Guides, a Suggestion for Character Training for Girls  and Pamphlet B: Baden-Powell Girl Guides, a Suggestion for Character Training for Girls by the same authors. It was replaced by Girl Guiding in 1918. 


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