Haig's Command: A Reassessment

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Haig's Command: A Reassessment 

by Denis Winter

Pen and Sword Military Classics Paperback – 30 Nov 2004

This book sets out to expose and analyse a major historical fraud.

The author's theme is the Western Front in Haig's time - from the Somme to the armistice. Using evidence that the documents from which previous histories have been written are tampered-with and often entirely rewritten versions of the truth - for example, a daily war diary was kept by all units up to GHQ and these were often altered by the Cabinet Office and crucial appendices totally removed.

Cabinet war minutes were likewise rewritten, with reference to whole meetings often removed. Records such as Haig's own diary were also tampered with, and Denis Winter even claims to have found documents which the war's official historian thought he had deliberately destroyed in the 1940s.