Death Arrow of Azincourt Sculpture by O.H. Boyd

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Death Arrow of Azincourt Sculpture

By O.H. Boyd

A new sculpture just completed by O.H. Boyd is now available to purchase. Recently returned from a week in Azincourt, displaying his new life-size sculpture of an English Archer, which will be displayed in the Museum on the site, when the remaining 2 figures of the triptych are completed. Konig books are delighted to have exclusive sale of this sculpture because of the military and historically interested readership that is attracted by our website. 

Meanwhile, from his studio in Barton-on-Humber in the Barton Shipyard, on the banks of the Humber and overlooking the dramatic Humber Bridge, he has created this small table-top size representation of the head and hand at full draw, just as the arrow of death is loosed across the battlefield, on route to its target. 

This artist loves to work in Wood, above life-size, his work is characterised by a high standard of research, detail and realism and can take years to complete.

He is currently working on the archers' tribute for Azincourt designed for the Musee de Azincourt to celebrate the 600 year anniversary of this fundamental medieval battle; a keen Longbowm archer himself, this work was inspired by shooting on the field of Azincourt with his retinue in the year of 2015 and the resultant camaraderie with the French.

The Azincourt Archers 600year Anniversary Tribute rationale and progress can be followed on his website 

His most important commission was carving the Imperial Crown for the top of the Diamond Jubilee State Coach in English heart of oak timber specially donated from HMS Victory by the Admiralty.

The sculpture will be shipped by courier tracked and signed delivery. Free of charge inside the UK and £19.95 worldwide.