The Image of Germans in Polish Literature

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The Image of the Germans in Polish Literature; Poland and Falsifications of Polish History

By Else Löser Translated by Carlos Porter

This book, based on the author's firsthand analysis of the sources, offers an excellent analysis of a much-neglected topic. The author succeeds in correcting the one-sided and prejudicial views regarding German-Polish relations and conflicts which have long dominated the discussion, both in the media and in historical research. The book gives us a powerful insight into the forces at work that would ultimately result in the genocide of the Eastern German populations of Pomerania and Silesia.

The author was an ethnic German, born, raised and educated in the territories surrendered to Poland under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, or, in some cases, seized by the Poles by force, in violation of a plebiscite. The author's brother was murdered in the infamous "Bromberg Sunday" massacres of 3 September 1939, committed according to exact address lists of all ethnic Germans, prepared and distributed long in advance; her parents disappeared and were presumably murdered by the Poles or Russians in the spring of 1945.

Bilingual in Polish and German, the author dedicated her life to a comparative study of Polish and German history and literature. The information presented here, in English translation, in book form for the first time, is otherwise available only in relatively inaccessible or highly difficult and complicated works written by specialists, almost never in English. Essential reading for anyone interested in the causes of the Second World War.