Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist

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Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist

Bradley R. Smith

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First Edition Paperback Published 1 Nov 1987 by Prima Facie, California. Unmarked, clean and tight. Slight fading to spine from shelf exposure to sunlight.  

This book is special in the way that it tells the story of the surprise, the awakening of doubt, the thinking, the realizing of the great lie and the decision to tell the truth. And the experiences he has by doing so.

Amazon Reviewer says: "Regardless of whether one agrees with alternate narratives about the Holocaust or not this is a fantastic little book. Civilization and the very future of mankind depends on freedom and Mr. Smith has been courageously defending it in an area which is key to world peace and the very continued prosperity of mankind. I have little doubt in my mind that someday Mr. Smith's journey and steadfastness will be known by people everywhere in the world. Bradley has become a great example of intellectual courage upon which the future of mankind depends. I can think of no higher purpose."