British Cavalry Carbines and Pistols of the Napoleonic Era

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British Cavalry Carbines & Pistols of the Napoleonic Era

by Barry Chisnall & Geoff Davies

This book has been described as ‘The Most Comprehensive Study of British Cavalry Flintlocks to Date’. The main focus of the book is on the wars with France between 1793 & 1815. However, to do this subject justice we have included the development of the carbine and pistol prior to these dates together with usage in the post Napoleonic period.

The book is A4 size Hardback, with 218 Pages, 90 Full Colour Plates, with over 400 individual photos featuring 82 Carbines & Pistols from 1700 to 1850 and many other colour illustrations. It includes many previously unpublished photos of several rare carbines and pistols never before illustrated.

Chapter 1 details cavalry actions in the French and Napoleonic wars with the rest of the book describing and illustrating carbine and pistol patterns issued to British cavalry regiments. Chapters 2 to 8 cover the development of cavalry carbines and pistols for the British cavalry. Chapters 9 to 11 show yeomanry and Portuguese small arms with chapter 12 comparing the shooting properties of the various Napoleonic carbines.

The book has been very well received and has had a glowing review by Bill Harriman in Classic Arms & Militaria. Two of the most notable writers on antique guns, De Witt Bailey and Bob Brooker, have both described the book as excellent. We have also had many other congratulatory emails from experts and museums around the world. It is now being carried by the National Army Museum and The Royal Armouries in Leeds as well as our website (

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