Abel Bonnard Une Aventure Inachevee

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Abel Bonnard Une Aventure Inachevee

By Olivier Mathieu. Postface de Leon Degrelle

FRENCH LANGUAGE: A pre-owned First Edition large format paperback of 1988, with 425 pages. Spine is perfect and appears unread. No bumps, marks or damage. 

Abel Bonnard was a previous National Socialist Minister of the Arts. The description below was translated from French and the book is also in French language.

Abel Bonnard, this unknown ... Olivier Mathieu publishes the biography of the most radical minister of the French state. "Gestapette" according to the Gaullist BBC, but "academic of shock" for Céline, "companion of adventure" for Drieu, we are presented here in all its facets: poet and politician; Great traveler, tribune.

The secret of his birth and the identity of his father - Count "Gégé" Primoli - are revealed; Bonnard theater author is presented; Its duality, is masterfully analyzed through the fascinating myth of "Orion"; The extracts from the diary, an unpublished iconography, his private correspondence allow us to better understand the drama of the present.

In 1942-44 he was responsible for Alma Mater, an uncompromising theorist who was anxious to associate the national with the social in the new Europe. He was a hard and good man, as illustrated by the painter Nils Koranüs blanket.

This revisionist work also tarnished the legend of Bonnard's homosexuality. Reading this new book by Olivier Mathieu - sponsored by the rexist leader Léon Degrelle, ultimate and immense actor and witness of a time - one bathes in the atmosphere of a whole century of literature and history. A pagan legend claims that a being will not be forgotten as long as his name is pronounced.

Then Bonnard is really immortal...