Did Six Million Really Die- Report of the Evidence Trial of Ernst Zundel 1988

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Did Six Million Really Die?  Report of the Evidence in the Canadian "False News" Trial of Ernst Zundel 1988

Edited by Barbara Kulaszka, Foreward by Dr. Robert Faurisson

Now SOLD, but we show here pictures of some important pages and  below you will find a link to a free download PDF of the book. You have full permission to use and share these pictures on any social media channel or any website, they were taken by us and we give full and free use of them. 

Canadian revisionist publisher Ernst Zundel was placed on trial twice by jew haters for making "false news claims" by his mere publication of a 32-page booklet entitled Did Six Million Really Die? After two convictions (including at this trial), free speech finally prevailed when a Canadian supreme court ruled the booklet was not "likely to cause racial and social intolerance." This book gives the background to and testimony of the trial itself so the reader may be the final judge and jury.

The Institute for Historical Review says this:  in an article that any reader interested in the truth about this subject will find useful. 

Contains many pictures that have since found there way onto the internet circuit of memes that many readers will recognise. The source and context of them is represented by this book. 

Free Download of the text of this book is available online here: https://archive.org/details/DidSixMillionReallyDie_528 

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