A Change of Jungles - Miles Smeeton

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A Change of Jungles - Miles Smeeton 

1st Edition 1962 Hardback, cellophane covered by original owner. Rare, only 1 other copy available. Will be sent tracked and signed at no additional cost.

Similar to John Master's "Road Past Mandalay". Begins with Major Smeeton on his way to India from England but he is soon posted to the desert prior to the arrival of Montgomery. Covers the fighting around Bir Hacheim with the Third Indian Motor Brigade.

Covers topics such as: training, postings to different regiments and his posting to Probyn's Horse prior to the dash to Meiktila. Probyn's Horse was involved with the taking of Meiktila by Cowan's 17th Indian Division and was heavily involved with Cowan's offensive defence prior to relief by the 5th Indian Division. After Meiktila was secure, Smeeton and Probyn's Horse were part of the race to Rangoon.

Description of the tank action but not primarily concerned about the fighting in Africa or the fighting in Burma. There is a lot of material about what happens between actions. The last third of the book is about his purchase of a farm in British Columbia, and the trials of clearing land and trying to raise crops and animals in the middle of nowhere.