The Trail Of The Fox: Life of Field-Marshall Erwin Rommel by David Irving

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The Trail Of The Fox: Life of Field-Marshall Erwin Rommel

By David Irving

Hitler’s Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was one of the great military commanders. This is the first biography to rely on the original records of the period. David Irving's exhaustive research led him to a dusty personnel file on the young Rommel - applying and being turned down - for army commissions; the long lost Rommel Diaries covering the momentous years of his campaigns in North Africa and Normandy, and other private papers.

From them emerges the highly-praised picture of an outstanding soldier and military commander, whose tactical genius and extraordinary exploits captured the world, and of the private man - Rommel as a husband and father.

What this book is truly about is the life of a man who rose in the ranks of the army and ultimately paid the highest price. This books shows the predicaments and obstacles Rommel had to go through to lead, the people he had to deal with and ultimately the problems and internal strife that brought up his demise. You might think that in a war each side is united to defeat the enemy, but you will see that this is not the case.
You will see the man behind the fox myth and find out he did remarkable achievements but also dreadful omissions, like any other man. Rommel is depicted as a military genius, soldier, patriot, husband and father. In my opinion it might not have all the truths about Rommel but it is a good overview.