What Really Happened in Chemnitz From a German Eyewitness

What Really Happened in Chemnitz From a German Participant

König Books has received this eye witness report of what really happened at Chemnitz from a German participant who was there on the day of the March and has noticed that the German and English media have not told you the truth…..

Here are his words:

The march in Chemnitz was a classic example of how our state and government try to deceive the German people. It was to be a respectful funeral march, and everybody was told to wear black, no badges, no insignia only German flags.

We gathered exactly at 5 pm and the gathered crows were all peaceful, educated, good people who obeyed all the rules of the "march manager". We knew that our left-wing press were hoping for a Hitler salute or other provocations but there were none.

The city politicians forced the gathered crowd to wait for an hour and after that another 30 minutes by the event stewards. But the crow remained silent and peaceful. There were 12,000 participants but next day in our press they said it had been only 8,000 demonstrators. We are used such fake reporting.

Then the march started but we had not much time because the march was only permitted between 5pm and 7 pm and the city officials robbed us of 90 minutes in waiting time. We began a short march until we were stopped again because some left-wing protestors had blocked our march by sitting down on the street.

12,000 of us were shouting to the Police: “Clearing, broaching !!!” But then the Police turned their water guns and the full Police presence against us!!!!!!! The left-wing demonstrators were fewer than 1,000 people, but next day our press reported that there had been 6,000 people. We are used such fake reporting.

Our crowd had remained peaceful until this moment now moved on the right and on the left from us in the direction of the Police chain. But all remained peaceful.

Then the Police suddenly declared the march to be finished. Then 12,000 men became angry and we started to shout loudly. We made a break through the Police chain and all the left-wing protestors were fleeing. Now the whole crowd on our side was laughing.

We did not have any discussions or fights with the Police. Though they had built a pocket around us and more and more Police came to support them. The march finally was finished.

Next day our press said there were several Journalists hurt and the AfD and the movement Pro Chemnitz have resulted in 11 offences, but the offences consisted of a small group who sat on a fence and the fence was damaged - this was all.

There were indeed some journalists hurt. What happened? Four left wing journalists tried to enter a tall apartment block trying to get nice shots of our faces from a Balcony for the left-wing movement. So, they ring the bell of each apartment, but nobody let them in.

They found a 15-year-old boy who was not able to stop the journalists from entering the flat. While the four "journalists" eagerly took photographs of the people below, the father of the young boy returned from shopping in the supermarket and found his flat occupied by four guys he never had seen before. He was the one who hurt all "journalists" with his fists to kick them out of his flat which they had illegally entered. This man had nothing to do with PEGIDA, AfD or Pro Chemnitz - it was just a normal resident who was not interested in Policy. But next day our press declared: "Four journalists were hurt and attacked at the funeral march of the Nazis.”

Now you know the entire truth of an eye witness - me!
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