War & Peace Show Visitor Discount

War & Peace Show Visitor Discount

Visit König Books at the War & Peace Revival Event for 10% Discount site-wide 

Any visitor to the König Books Stand will get a special code entitling you to 10 % discount across the site for any book or item bought online. 

We know that some of you have flown in with minimal baggage and may not want to carry heavy books back home with you on the plane. 

So a 10% discount code means that you can have the books you want - probably post free. You can pay for them on the stand and we can post them to you at home, or wait until you get home safely, they order them from your own lounge and your favourite comfortable chair. 

Here is a summary of options: 

  1. Buy online when you get home with 10% site-wide discount
  2. Buy at the Show & we will post to your home post free

Leave us to wrap them safely and send to you by Standard Airmail, with no need to carry, or overload your hand-luggage.