The Jewish Mafia Book is now available (Ryssen Translated by Carlos Porter)


Banned by Amazon – Now back in an exclusive edition by The Barnes Review and available direct from them in the USA , or in the UK and Europe, ONLY from König Books.

The Jewish Mafia by Ryssen Translated by Carlos Porter
A comprehensive look at the Jewish mafia from the earliest times until today. Meticulously detailed and documented largely from Jewish sources, this book is a fearless examination of organized Jewish criminality in all parts of the world, with an astonishing catalog of serious crimes.

The author, Herve Ryssen, has been jailed 13 times for writing seven books. His most recent conviction in 2015, for which he received three months hard time, came simply as punishment for the original cover to this book (a stock illustration of 1930s gangsters with a list of their crimes—arms dealing, racketeering, contract murder, drug dealing, money laundering, pimping, casinos, pornography, kidnapping, burglary, armed robbery, diamond swindles, white slaving, smuggling, African slave trading, trafficking in stolen artwork etc etc).

That cover has changed to the one you see here. Now expanded, updated and revised, perhaps the most shocking chapters of the book are those dealing with forced prostitution in Israel, international organ trafficking and the organ transplant industry. But further description of the contents is not nearly as powerful as a portion of the table of contents.

Inside The Jewish Mafia, Ryssen details: the “Torah Nostra’s” history; American organized crime (and you thought Al Capone was a top criminal); Murder, Inc.; Meyer Lansky; the “invisible” mafia; the pillage of Russia; Mafioso Democracy; the fall of the Oligarchs, crime from Berlin to Marbella; the Organizatsiya in America; Antwerp; Vilnius; Bangkok; Bogota; the mafia in Israel; the diamond industry; revolutionary paramilitary funding; hashish; cocaine; heroin and the “ecstasy” trade; porno cinema; the trafficking of illegal immigrants; the white slave trade; the Atlantic African slave trade; Christian slaves of the Middle Ages; organ selling; the aesthetic surgery racket; Claude Lipsky’s swindles; Jacques Crozmarie and the ARC scandal; horse racing and garage ripoffs; the VAT fraud; swindling fellow Jews; Samuel Flatto-Sharon; crime in England, the U.S. and France; Mon sieur Michel and Monsieur Joseph; Seams and Co.; profit fever; the pillaging of vanquished countries; and more.

This is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive, fascinating and fast-paced book ever written on the crimes of the Jewish mafia, from a man who dares to write the truth despite being a favorite and repeated target of the politically correct Zionist thought police.

Softcover, 381 pages, 475 supporting endnotes. ONLY AVAILABLE in the USA from the Barnes Review, or in the UK from

But be quick… We’re not sure how long it will be before they try to ban this book again!