Rare History Books Available

Rare History Books

König Books online bookshop is now launched and now our work begins.

The books uploaded provide a sample of what this online shop will contain. Now the work begins to upload hundreds of interesting historical books, one by one, as fast as we can.

The selection of pictures here shows the high calibre of unique books and documents that are available. If you see a book that is special to your collection, please contact us to upload it quickly for you, or be sure to look again at this website every week to see the new listings.

Out of Print Books

Some books are now out of print, where the Author has died, and they cannot be reprinted until the 75-year copyright time has passed. This means that a single copy available on this site will be a high prize for the person waiting to find it.

German, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian

Books will be listed in whichever language they can be found. There will be German language, Dutch, French, Italian, Hungarian and Russian language books, that are difficult to find on any other bookselling website, unless you know the exact title and Author.

Rare History Books

Historical Magazines

Magazines such as the Barnes Review and the French Sans Concession with the writings of Vincent Reynouard will be available as single editions as they become available; but do make an enquiry if you wish to purchase them as a group.

First Editions

There are many First Edition books that will be of interest to collectors, and the condition of each book will be fully described, with pictures to show exactly any ageing or wear.

Rare History Books

Book Finding Service

If you are looking for a particular book, in any language, but cannot find it on the usual bookselling websites, then please let us know at König Books. We have many sources for books and may be able to locate a copy for you.

Collect at Shows & Events

The Website and the Facebook page contains a list of Events and Shows, where you will be able to visit our stand and look at these books in person, before you decide to buy. You can also arrange to buy online and then collect from us at an event, where your postage cost will be

Rare History Books