New Heydrich Book Launched at War and Peace Show UK 2018

The new Book about Heydrich called: Reichsprotektor – 9 Months in Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren 1941-42

Heydrich Reichsprotektor by Tina Walford Konig Books UK

The greatest celebration of military history and vintage lifestyle in the world from 24 - 28 July at Paddock Wood, Kent, England with over 100 Trade stalls, 2,000 living history re-enactors and an incredible collection of restored and working wartime military vehicles and Panzers all week.

The Author’s Pavilion was host to 10 British Authors including Tina Walford, who launched the very first German language book at the show. Tina gave a 30-minute presentation every day, reading from different Chapters each day, to give a flavour of the contents of the book to a full house audience who were keen to hear about the new information it contained.

With over 5,000 visitors every day, the news soon spread to the German visitors about this ground-breaking new book that overturns myths and fictitious stories about this man.

One man bought a copy and then returned 3 hours later to buy a second book signed by the Author as a special gift for his Father who lived in the Protektorate during the War years.

German speakers from Austria, Finland, Italy, Belgium, and East and West Germany had a conversation with the Author and received a signed copy with a personal dedication during the show.

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